Bed & Bike

Discovering the Rhine by bicycle

Whether by jogging, going for a walk or cycling – discover the 1.5 km (approx. 0.9 miles) long riverside promenade along the Rhine. While you pedal hard and feel the breeze in your face, you can see the world around Düsseldorf in another light. We gladly provide you with regional maps especially for cycle tours as well as maps of the subway and bus network. Since 2011 we are certified as “Bett+Bike” (“bed+bike”) bicycle-friendly hospitality business by the adfc (German Cyclist’s Association). Furthermore, we were certified with “Bett+ Bike Sport” (“bed+bike sports”) as the first hotel in Düsseldorf in 2016.

What does this mean for you?

You planned a long tour and the weather does not cooperate?

Not a problem – we gladly take you in for the night. Also, your bicycle is safe in our lockable garage.

Your clothes are wet?

We are happy to offer an opportunity for drying or washing.

Not only you, but also your bike got dirty?

Of course there is a shower ready for you. For your bike, there is a washing station available.

Do you have a flat tire or need to readjust your brakes?

We gladly give you the information for the nearest professional repair shop or you can repair it yourself in our little workshop.

The next morning you can fortify yourself for the next kilometers (miles) with our rich breakfast. If you are planning a longer tour, you can put together a Power Lunch Package, including the option of energy bars, gel, and electrolytic drink.