Media Harbour

Architecture, anchors, avant-garde

An absolute must in Düsseldorf`s sightseeing program – not only for architecture fans.

At MedienHafen – the old harbor – international star architects left their footprints. An impressive and highly individual architecture was born. Media, broadcast stations, creative folks and thinkers can be found in this part of town. Between buildings with a modern look, visitors still feel the atmosphere of the old Rhine harbor. Its quay walls, wrought iron bollards and handrails are still true to original. A vital harbor atmosphere you can also find in the local gastronomy and nightlife.

Rhine Tower

The Rhine Tower is the most outstanding landmark of Düsseldorfs skyline. It is located on the edge of the southern city center at the entrance of MedienHafen – right next to the Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia and the building of a German broadcasting station called “WDR”. The tower was planned by architect H. Deilmann and built from 1979 to 1982. It is 240.5 meters high and has a restaurant at the top of the tower that revolves once in an hour. (For technical reasons the restaurant turns from 12:00am to 05:30pm to the one side and from 06:30pm to 01:00am to the other. The rest of the time it stands still.)