Philosophy & Quality

Content customers, awards and prizes confirm the quality of the family-operated TIPTOP Hotel National at the center of Düsseldorf.

Our hotel is our life

Highly ranked, often certified and excellently rated.


This is where we spend most of the day – with our hotel we are closely connected. Therefore, it is our wish that you to spend your time in a friendly and warm atmosphere, which is often missed while being at foreign places. Service, ambience, the comfort you can expect from a three-star superior-hotel, and many other amenities cater for a pleasant stay at our hotel. In case you miss anything – please let us know, so we can make your stay with us a perfect one!

We care

We are not the biggest hotel in Düsseldorf – but as far as service and guest satisfaction are concerned we are on a top position. Awards honor us as one of the favored hotels in Germany and in Düsseldorf as one of the best 3*** houses. But what counts, are you and your appreciation.

With our team of experienced staff and soon-to-be tourism professionals, trained at IUBH University, we prove daily what real hospitality is all about. Qualities like fairness, managing with environmental awareness, and sustainable reliability are part of it. As a guest, you will not notice how vitally alive everything is behind the scenes. You can enjoy your stay and look forward to a relaxed atmosphere. That’s how it’s supposed to be, isn’t it?